PE_mastaUsually, the covering materials are used for covering Diaries, Albums, Notebooks, Journals, Files & Binders, Gift boxes, Cases, Wall papers, etc. There are many kinds of different materials in the market such as Genuine leathers, Simulated leathers, Suades, PP sheets, PVC sheets, PVC coated papers, Cloth papers, Specialty Art Papers,  etc.

If we divide whole covering materials with two section of price range; Expensive & Cheap, Our “PE coated paper” will be positioned in the cheap field. In this cheap covering materials market, the most competitive one is PVC coated paper by now.
As you may know, PVC coated paper (so called PVC Leather Paper) offers kinds of different feels by embossing PVC film with leather patterns & colors, etc. It also has paper base, which means it is easy to turn edge a board paper with glue, and make all the covers to finished products.
In short, this `PVC coated paper’  gives cost effective covering and convenience in applying for many common products.

In spite of the advantages of PVC, there is still one problem should be solved.
PVC backed on paper should be contained pthalates (DEHPDINP, DIOP) or chlorine in order to make it softer and stable.
These materials are regulated by REACH, Proposition 65, etc.   Accordingly, PVC coated papers have environmental limits in itself and it effects as market entry barrier to high-end market, and this trends have been surely grown worldwide.

We’re been pointed out this invincible global trends, and tried to develop New & 100% Eco-Friendly & Cheap covering paper for many years. and Now we are proud of introducing our new material – PE coated paper”, which has all the advantages of PVC coated paper mentioned the above, moreover this brand new paper is environmently clean and contains No pthalates and No Substances restricted by RoHS.

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